6 reasons to add apple cider vinegar to your bath

What do you now about apple cider vinegar? You may think – what kind of question is that? It is extremely useful when it comes to salad dressings, can be added to hot drinks etc. That is true, but not all of you know about how useful apple cider vinegar is when it comes to beauty world.

Today we are going to concentrate on the use of apple cider vinegar when it comes to taking a bath. Of course, you may have heard that it is great to use to detox your body, but we assure you that there are, at least, six more reasons why you should add this magic ingredient to your bath, anytime you are taking it. Let’s have a look!

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#1 Anti-fungus

Fungus is an infection that is not really uncommon. When your soap or body wash fails, there is a need for heavy artillery to be introduced. Apple cider vinegar is exactly what you need in this case. Just a little bit of ACV added to your regular bath and you will forget about any fungus infection, forever.

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#2 Sunburn

Things happen, right? But instead of reaching out for some artificial after sunburn lotion there is something a lot better. Add some ACV to your bath and you will not only feel relieved straight away, but also will notice that healing process becomes a lot faster.

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#3 Body odor

These days it is easy to hide a nasty odor behind some expensive perfume scent. But what to do to get rid of it once and forever? We are all humans and all of us are susceptible to growth of bacteria, which is responsible for bad smell. Yet, if you know the effective ways to fight it, there will be not a single time you will smell bad. As you may have guessed we are talking about apple cider vinegar bath.

#4 Healthy hair

You got it right! There is no need to spend lots of money on expensive procedures to make your hair healthier and shiny. All you need is apple cider vinegar bath.

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#5 Stinky feet

It sounds gross and we all pretend that we never experience something like that, even once in a lifetime. But, the truth is quite controversial, that is why we decided to bring this issue up. No matter how bad your feet smell, or how many warts are there, there is nothing apple cider vinegar wouldn’t take care of.

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#6 Joint pain

Last but not least, apple cider baths are great when it comes to joint pain relief.

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